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Here were some comments overheard
at the
Clay City race.

Optimist: “Wanna warm it up?”

 Realist: “You mean see if it starts?”

 “What do you need that thing for anyway?”

 “It was like that last time….”

 “I guess no one warned you it was that loud?”
 Referring to the noise during a warm up “burp” of the throttle.

 “Who made those beans anyway?”

 Those are “regular” brownies….right?

 “What is a Smore?”

 “I like mine burnt.” …
I hope that meant some food item and not a motor part.

 It looked like a tether ball on a string bouncing around back there.
(Referring to a pulled parachute that had not been used in some time)

 “That is the first time a kid has cried sitting in my car.”

 “Congratulations, you’ve popped your first burst panel!”

  “Where’s the wife Ed?”
 “She’s off sitting in someone else’s car…”

These are from the Silver Dollar Event

From the local radio weather man,
“Today will be as hot as a floozy on a Saturday night.
(gotta love the local channels)

From one of the three Motorcycle racers that came
by to look at the cars still wearing their leathers,
“Watching these cars has been the best $5 I ever spent!”

“I think I have eaten three of these gnats already today”

In describing the location of the promoter’s house:
“See those two radio towers?
If they fall toward each other they will both land on my place”

"Been awhile since I've seen one spittin'
alky flames outta the zoomies! "

 “A SFI rated cup holder?”


“A good time was had by all!”

Many thanks to all the people who sent in these gems.