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(Nicholls, GA)
April, 2013

to Benefit
Relay for Life

Southern Slingshots were involved in a charity event
this year at DMP to benefit Relay for Life.


We had plenty of characters on hand to support the event!



Ken Hamilton  demonstrating how the big wheelie is done.


Rodney Bryd guiding Charles Newsome and the
“Ancient Orange” dragster in the groove….


And here, James Meeks is taking instructions from Crystal !


Great shot of Mike and Roberta’s “Project” with the chute out.


Wade Nunnelly made some great passes in his
“RETRO ROCKET” with the help from his crew!



for sponsoring this event.

See you next year!


Benefit  Car Show April 2/11

The show was to raise money for the family of Marine Gunny
John Hayes, wounded in Afghanistan in December last year.

Brother Sott and me

Fans enjoying old dragster

Granddaughters L Samantha and R Jasmine on grans dragster

Little fan sitting in dragster

My Crew at Show

Nephew Brandon in dragster

Niece Michelle in dragster

The old and the new!


Super Chevy Show

April 8-10, 2011

Mr Bill? Oh Noooooooooo!

Steve Frisel Winged Warrior


Ken Hamilton The Money Pit

Jeff Morris All Steamed Up

Between rounds

Young Fans at show!

How far is the starting line?



Pittsburgh Raceway 9.18.2010


Clear blue skies, comfortable fall temperatures, and
loads of awesome cars brought nostalgia
fans out in droves…making this year’s
Southern Slingshots voyage north to
Pittsburgh worth the long drive!

John Crawford keeps a watchful eye while
Todd Campbell warms up his car.

The day was full of extremely close racing between
all of the Southern Slingshots teams.

Ron and Charlie

Adam and Mike

John C. and Tommy

Todd and John S.

Big, long, side-by-side burnouts are always very
popular with fans…and drivers!

After a full day of streaking slingshots, gorgeous gassers,
shiny show cars, fabulous funny cars, super stockers,
and cruzin’ classics EVERYBODY was ready for a nap!

Special appreciation and credit goes to Dennis Ivory for
the always spectacular photos and Modified Productions
(Rick Butterworth) for HD video. Please contact them for
information about purchasing copies of their outstanding work!


Elk Creek Dragway 8.28.2010

It was standing room only as the Southern Slingshots packed
in the largest spectator crowd of the year during the
second trip of the year at Elk Creek Dragway.
One time a year at this track is just not enough!

Most of the people in attendance were still full from
the previous race back in May, but we managed
to devour a few more bites!

There is lots of entertainment and plenty of mayhem
during the pre-race drivers meeting…
Sometimes it’s just best NOT to ask!

Another Great Wheelstand!

And the paint is a "Popin!"


Nice tire squat!

Tire squat #2

and all that horse power!

 Who will take home the highly coveted hand crafted trophies?

Can you find all 6 injector hats?

Tommy Jackson and Mike DiMascio tip toed their
way through a very tough field of competitors
to meet in the final round.

Event organizers Tommy Jackson and Charlie Overfelt offer
congratulations to Mike and Roberta DiMascio for the victory!


When Southern Slingshot members get together, the
fun does not stop…even if the racing has!

Follow us to the next race! (if you dare…)


VA Motorsports park 5.16-17.2010

We enjoyed the opportunity to book several back-to-back racing
weekends this year. It is a lot of work and effort for the teams,
but after the long winter months a double dose of
Southern Slingshot nostalgia racing is exactly what the Dr. ordered.

As warm-ups are conducted in pits,
anticipation builds for drivers, crew, and fans.

Three FL teams certainly earned the long-hauler award. Jacksonville’s
own Ken Hamilton and the “Money Pit”  Steve & Kathy Friesel’s
towed the “Winged Warrior” from Arcadia and  “All Steamed Up”
driven by Bradenton native Jeff Morris.

Mike DiMascio’s “Project” (near lane) takes on the super
choice “Justin Time” car with Justin Prater at the wheel.

“Bits-n-Pieces” and “Outhouse Mouse” gave the fans a serious dose of
nostalgia when they raced with a flag start from ‘Harry the Hat’!

There was a slight delay in the action so that the track
personnel could replace the Christmas tree after
Brad Prater and Ken Hamilton chopped it down to the base!

VMP was the perfect setting to debut a new
blown power plant for the “Winged Warrior”

Ron Beall prepares for another shot of
adrenaline from his “Black Label” ride.


“Moonshine Express” and “Red Barron” took full
advantage of an obviously well prepped staring line!

Nothing brings the crowd to their feet like long,
smoky, side-by-side burnouts!

The 15 Southern Slingshots teams were so popular at VMP that
even the funny cars lined up to get their pictures taken with us!