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New/Winter Projects!

Mike Seager's new ride


George Zammit's new motor!

1513 HP? WOOF!!!!!


Rick Arvin's new home done paint job! 



"The Project" get some new parts.

"I have my car all chopped up already gonna re-do the helmet
bars and hang a new body on it! Update the steering and
maybe a wing on the front..... also swap out the blower motor
for a high revin" 377 with the hilborn stack injection"

Mike D

110 Octane .....Beer?



Here is the latest from Mike Chilando!

Is that a JEEP motor??? WILD!!!



Here is the latest from Mike Seager!

S&W Chassis that He is building.

9" Ford

Big Block Chevy

Hilborne Injection


If you have an Altered or FED project in the works, please send me any data and photos and we will post them.

As things progress, we can update the page as you send us more stuff!!!

You would be surprised the response you may get. We have some of the best teams around, anywhere!