100 Proof


Driver : George Zammit
Home: Sydney, Australia
Crew Chief : George Zammit
Crew: Carol Fowler, my partner, Emma Fowler, she is 10 Years old, Corey Zammit, 14 Years old, Mick Fowler, and my mate Gerry.
Car # 4411
Chassis: Jim Davis
Engine: High Nickel 355 Blown, Injected SBC
E.T.1/4 Mile.7.44 @ 171 M.P.H Transmission: P/G 1.76 Gear
Rear end: 9'' STRANGE Alloy Case, 4.56. MOSER Axles


The car was origianlly built in northern California by Jim Davis and the body was done by Jack Haggeman out of .040.aluminium in 1968, two of the finest f.e.d builders of that era. It was raced in california, restored in the mid 90's with an updated roll cage and the rear axle was changed to ac 9 inch for running nostalgia events. Appart from that the car is all originall.

I bought the the car back in 2005 of a guy in oklahoma and shipped her back to Australia. She is a true blue ozzie girl having fun in the sun with all her mates, but she would still like to keep in touch with her friends in the U.S.A. i'm sure.

I run the car mainly at Nostalgia meets and we also have a class called Supercharged Outlaws which we run at our home track in Western Sydney International Dragway.